Ironport Telematics Solution

The Ironport telematics solution seeks to transform automotive, construction, agricultural, mining, utilities and logistical assets into valuable business assets that enable a company’s’ strategy by allowing the business owners connect to their assets and make strategic decisions based on the telemetry.

Solution Components

Ironport automotive telematics solution leverages on advanced sensor technology, connectivity and analytics to collect data from transport assets and present it to the asset owners in form of intuitive web interface, mobile applications or SMS/email notifications.

Data Capture: analog and digital data is captured from assets using specialized telematics hardware and sensors

Connectivity: Data is transmitted to our cloud servers using either local GSM networks or global sim cards.

Data Analysis and presentation: Business logic shall be defined to extract value depending on use case and presented to the customer in form of web/app/dashboards, sms and email notifications.

Solution Use Cases

1. Monitoring
2. Tracking
3. Geo-fencing
4. Reporting

Customer benefits

1. Enhance fleet productivity
2. Enforce safety policy
3. Optimize asset management

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